iSeeBehaviour is a web, tablet & mobile decision support system that assists healthcare professionals to better respond to the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia, using evidence-based and patient centred care methods.

iSeeBehaviour is like having you own personal psychological behavioural expert on hand 24/7.

Deep Analytics

Provides a deep analytics system that helps take out the guess work around what the triggers and patterns are surrounding each individual patient’s behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia.

Patient Records

Provides work organisations with a secure, electronic record of the behavioural and psychological symptom of dementia events and associated patient care.

Patient Centred

Teaching healthcare professionals, in real time, how to implement and monitor patient-centred care psychological interventions, where appropriate.


Provides a range of downloadable resources that healthcare professionals can use, not only to provide better patient care, but to also look after their own wellbeing.

What is iSeeBehaviour?

iSeeBehaviour is a decision support and deep analytics system, incorporating evidence-based strategies and a patient centred care approach.

The development of iSeeBehaviour was partly funded by the Telematics Trust Fund, the Collaborative Research Network and the Centre for Biopsychosocial and eHealth Research & Innovation (CBeRI) at Federation University Australia.

For further information please contact the iSeeBehaviour & CBeRI Director: Professor Britt Klein.